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Top Greek Phrases: Learn the basics of the Greek language

Modern Greek language is the richest language spoken in the world. The Greek vocabulary has 5 million words and 70 million word types. Greek is also the oldest attested language which has survived over the centuries, dating back to 3000 years ago. It would be impossible to learn all the Greek words in a few seconds, but here are the top Greek phrases you should know:

Top Greek Phrases you should know

Hello – Γεια (pronounced yah)

Goodbye- Γεια (same as hello)

Good Morning – Καλημέρα (pronounced kali-mera)

What a beautiful day! – Τι όμορφη μέρα! (pronounced ti omorfi mera!)

Good Evening – Καλησπέρα (pronounced kali-spera)

Goodnight- Καληνύχτα (pronounced kali-nixta)

Yes /No – Ναι, Όχι (pronounced ne and ochi)

How are you? – Τι κάνεις; (pronounced ti kanis?)

I am good! You? – Καλά είμαι, εσύ; (pronounced kala ime, esi?)

Sorry – Συγνώμη (pronounced signomi)

Thank you – Ευχαριστώ (pronounced ef-ka-risto)

You are welcome! – Παρακαλώ (pronounced para-kalo)

How much? – Πόσο κάνει; (pronounced poso kanei?)

I want this – Θέλω αυτό (pronounced thelo afto)

Excuse me – Με συγχωρείτε (pronounced me syg-xoreite)

Sorry – Συγνώμη (pronounced signomi)

Do you speak English?: Μιλάτε αγγλικά; (pronounced milate anglika?)

I don’t understand: Δεν καταλαβαίνω (pronounced then kata-la-veno)

My name is… – Με λένε… (pronounced me lene)

I am from… – Είμαι από… (pronounced ime apo)

I like Greece! – Μ’αρέσει η Ελλάδα!(pronounced maresi i Ellada)

Cheers ! – Γεια μας! (pronounced as yah mas!)

Where you can learn Greek 

If you are interested in learning the Greek language there are institutes that offer Greek lessons for adults of all nationalities. Unfortunately, most of the teaching centers are located in the center of Athens, and only a few in Glyfada.

Babel Language Center. 41 Irakleitou Street, Ano Glyfada. 

Contact information: (+30) 2109644765,

This center specializes in the teaching of Modern Greek to foreigners. Their courses concentrate not only on the language but also on the culture and society of contemporary Greek. Lessons can be in groups of 8-10 fellow students or private, in either the center’s classroom or from the comfort of your home or office. This center has a reputation for providing good quality services.

Rethink Education P.C. 10 Grigoriou Lampraki Street, Glyfada. 

Contact information:  (+30) 210894148,

Rethink Education is an experimental learning center and life-long education center specialized in teaching foreign languages to people of all ages. With more than 15 years of experience, this institute is also very well-spoken about and by using innovative teaching methods they are very successful in teaching adults of foreign nationalities the local language.

The λ Project. (The lamda project). 29 Eresou, Athens.

Contact information: (+30) 6949122451, info@thelproject,gr

This language center is the best one in Athens. This center offers lessons in the Greek language and prepares students to get the Certificate of Attainment in Greek from the Center for the Greek Language authorized by the Greek Ministry of Education. The center also offers classes of ancient Greek, Greek history, mythology, and philosophy. The Lambda project center also includes in their teaching methods cultural activities and excursions in Athens and close by destinations.

The Athens’ center. 48 Archimidous Street, Mets, Athens.

Contact information: (+30) 210 7015242,

This learning center offers modern Greek language programs to adults of all nationalities. Classes of 4-8 participants take place throughout the year and it also includes beginning from advanced levels, for those who have that basic knowledge. The Athens’ Center emphasizes a lot on the learning of the Greek culture and tradition as well. At the center there are weekly evening film sessions, book presentations, musical events, art, literature, and dancing workshops, aiming to bring students acquainted with Greek culture.

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