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International Private Schools in Athens: from Nursery to High School

Although Greece is not as international compared to other European countries, it is still a country which attracts a lot of expats for work. International families oftenly enroll their children in international schools as the prime language is English and the multinational environment makes the transition much easier.

We have created a list with all the International Schools in the region of Athens. Most of these schools are private, as none of them follow a Greek Education System.

All schools listed provide school buses to pick children up from home  and take them to school and back (an extra fee applies). These schools, as with other private schools in Greece, require students, mainly until the elementary school years, to wear the school’s uniforms.

International Private Schools in Athens: from Nursery to High School


This school located in Koropi, Attica has a strong British foundation and base which is adapted to the needs of international and multicultural students. St. Lawrence British School offers high quality education to children of 3 to 18 years old. The setting goal of the institute is to prepare students to continue their education at the major UK or US universities in the future. The modern establishment covering 20 acres of land in Southern Athens, includes science laboratories, high tech computer labs, a Cultural Hall, an Exhibition center, basketball, tennis, football and volleyball courts, Olympic-size swimming pool and an indoor gymnasium. At St. Lawrence extracurricular activities are believed to be highly important for the development of a student, so there are more than 100 opportunities of various art, science, music, leisure and sports activities to choose from.

Yearly fees range between  €7,410 – 12,030 per student (based on 2020/2021 fees).

To learn more about St. Lawrence School contact:

E-mail: | Tel: +30 210 89 17000 | Website:


Campion is an accredited member of the Council of British International School with 20 years of experience. The well-qualified teaching staff provide a caring and friendly atmosphere for children of different nationalities. Teaching methods have proven successful as proven by the consistently high results in IB and IGCSE examinations and university placements in the UK, EU and USA. The purpose-built facilities which include modern fields for various sports, art, music and computer rooms, offers pupils to choose from a wide variety of hobbies to develop their skills.

Yearly fees range between  €7,750 – 12,990 per student (based on 2020/2021 fees).

To learn more about Campion School contact :

E-mail: for Junior School Admissions | Senior School Admissions

Tel: +30 21 0607 1700 | Website:


The American Community Schools of Athens, also known as ACS Athens, is an international American school, covering education from kindergarten to 12th grade. It follows the American educational system, however, its student body has, at times, been comprised of over 50 different nationalities. Besides school education, ACS also extensively embraces and encourages extracurricular activities such as sports, with its wide array of sports teams, art clubs, charity and volunteer work, within as well as outside of the school.

Yearly fees range between  €6,325 – 12,524 per student (based on 2020/2021 fees).

To learn more about ACS contact:

E-mail: | Tel: +30 210 6393200 | Website:


Another school following British curriculum and disciplinaries is the St. Catherine’s school, located in the Northern suburbs of Athens, in Lykovrysi for lower classes and Kifissia for higher. This school was established in 1956 on the grounds of the British Embassy in Athens, however today it is a very international school due to the multicultural body of students the school’s priority is to teach its students to respect all cultures, learn from them, in order to develop an international mindset. The school comprises all the classes starting from kindergarten to high school, where students can pick to either be examined and graduate with the IB Diploma or IGCSE. This school also offers extracurricular activities and clubs for students after school.

To learn more about St. Catherine’s British School contact:

Yearly fees range between €8,220 – 13,310 yearly (based on 2020/2021 fees).

Tel: +30 210 2829 750 | Website:


The International School of Piraeus vision is to provide Greek and International students of 3-12 years old top quality education following the IB methodology in Greek and English language, by using the latest technologies and by acquiring a team of professionals. The school focuses on providing extensive support on the Greek and English language to students that have neither as their native languages. This school was the first international school to open in Athens 100 years ago, with a vision for inclusivity and innovation in education.

For more information about ISP contact:

E-mail: | Tel: +30 210 417 5580 | Website:

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