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Vouliagmeni is probably the most luxurious of all the Athenian Riviera locations; it is named after the natural lake that formed ages ago due to a landslide. The lake is now used as a freshwater swimming location and the people who use it regularly are witnesses to its soothing effects.  Vouliagmeni’s landscape is breathtaking with small gulf and peninsulas forming a lace-like coast. Due to its natural beauty it was considered a holiday destination for Athenians in the past with resorts and beautiful summer mansions. It still is!

In Vouliagmeni you’ll find some of the most luxurious hotel establishments, whether it be boutique hotels or larger ones part of the Four Seasons family.

Where to

Wine and Dine in Vouliagmeni

In Vouliagmeni any place you find will be of a very high standard; it is considered one of the best areas to sit and enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the sea; seafood in this area is exceptional and you should expect the best quality given you are willing to pay for it! The area features numerous restaurants of the sort, with options between strictly seafood, Greek cuisine, Italian, or even gourmet sushi.


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