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The basics

Apps make our lives easier. We've prepared a list with all the useful apps you should know about when you are visiting the Athenian Riviera. All the apps are downloadable in iOS and Androids. Transportation Apps in Greece BEAT app This application is the Greek version of Uber. With this application you can order a taxi from anywhere you are by simply ordering

Although Greece is not as international compared to other European countries, it is still a country which attracts a lot of expats for work. International families oftenly enroll their children in international schools as the prime language is English and the multinational environment makes the transition much easier. We have created a list with all the International Schools in the region

When moving to a new destination, we know how challenging it is to get ourselves organized and accustomed to the country’s way of life. We have prepared this list of basics to make your stay at the Athenian Riviera a comfortable one, whether you are here for a short holiday, or making Athens as your home base. What you need to


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