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Attica is surrounded by sea, therefore there are hundreds of choices of beaches to choose from, which are free of charge. The best things in life are free right? We have made a list of beautiful free beaches located in the Athenian Riviera. NOTOS VOULA  Located in the beautiful residential neighborhood of Voula, this set of beaches is something locals brag about. Notos

A Blue Flagged beach is an “international award” given to beaches, marinas or sustainable boating tourism operators that meet the following criteria: accessibility, cleanliness of coast and waters, safety, environmental management and have adequate information regarding the beach, marina, or boat. Blue Flagged Beaches of the Athenian Riviera: Greece is blessed with 625 Blue Flag beaches and 19 of them are found

The true gems of the Athenian Riviera are the well-hidden beaches, either because they are not easily accessible or because the locals want to keep it to themselves, reluctant to share them to avoid “their ” beach spots getting over-crowded. Due to their “secret” locations, these beaches are very clean, far from the noisy crowds and if you are lucky


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