The Athenian Riviera

Blue Flagged Beaches of the Athenian Riviera

A Blue Flagged beach is an “international award” given to beaches, marinas or sustainable boating tourism operators that meet the following criteria: accessibility, cleanliness of coast and waters, safety, environmental management and have adequate information regarding the beach, marina, or boat.

Blue Flagged Beaches of the Athenian Riviera:

Greece is blessed with 497 Blue Flag beaches and 19 of them are found in the region of Attica and not surprisingly 12 of them in the Athenian Riviera. Greece is the second country holding more flags after Spain. Discover the Blue Flagged beaches of the Athenian Riviera here.

The order of the beaches are listed by distance from the center of Athens.

Glyfada A and B

These two beaches separated by a marina are a great option for those staying in Glyfada and looking to spend a few hours soaking in the sun and refresh themselves in the blue waters,  – a wonderful escape from the summer heat.

Glazed by sand, Glyfada beach B is perfect for those who prefer natural landscapes to staged sceneries. Ideal for those who just want that quick refreshing dive. A few canteens and restaurants are located nearby where you can enjoy a delicious meal after swimming.

Asteras Glyfada

Asteras Glyfada is a beach resort complex that features several beach bars and restaurants. The beach is organized by Balux Cafe the House project and the Balux seaside escape. Both beaches have sunbeds and umbrellas, beach menu service, WC, and changing rooms. The difference between these two is that while the first is more family-friendly, as there are water playgrounds and a kids menu, the second is fancier, featuring a pool, an extensive cocktail menu, and louder music. The cost of entrance to the complex is free. On weekdays a set of sunbeds and umbrella in Balux Cafe is €15, while on weekends €20. In Balux Seaside you pay €10 and you can sit either on the beach poufs or in the sunbeds lying on the pool deck.

Voula A

Located in the residential suburbs of Voula, this beach is known by various names, South Coast, A Plaz, Thalassea, to name a few.

A tram stop is located just next to the entrance gate, which makes it a very popular beach destination in the summer, and also fares are lower than other beaches in the area. The sea is very clean, so is the whole establishment. Food outlets and takeaway bars are in place, there is a playground for the younger ones and there are beach volley courts as well. The entrance fee on weekdays is €6 and €2 for a sunbed. During weekends entrance fee is €7.20 and + €5 for sunbeds. Children under 6 enter for free. Children 6-12 and people over 65 pay half price. (based on the 2020 price list).

Astir Beach Vouliagmeni

The most popular beach destination in Athens, Astir Beach is a playground for the fashionable crowd.

Since the 1960s Astir Beach has welcomed international movie stars and business tycoons. The beach resort is part of the Four Season Astir Palace.  Equipped with state-of-the-art recreational facilities, it features everything from a VIP lounge, to fashion boutiques, food outlets and spa facilities. The entrance fee on the weekdays is € 50  per pair of sunbeds and umbrella, while on the weekend is €70 (based on 2020 price list).

Βάρκιζα- Yabanaki

“Yabanaki” translates as “for having little swim”. Yabanaki in Varkiza is a beach resort complex that accommodates different beach bars, restaurants, a few boutique shops, a water sports kiosk, beach volley courts and is secured by security and lifeguards. Depending on your taste you can choose which area of the beach you want to sit in, fancier, with loud music, somewhere a bit isolated, near the playground.

Two notable beach bars are Holy Spirit, which serves the biggest and most delicious cocktails, and Coyacan, a Peruvian restaurant bar that is very fancy decorated, arranges shishas, and hosts popular sunset parties. The entrance fee on weekdays is €6 with a free sunbed. During weekends entrance fee is €7.50 and + €5 for sunbeds. Children under 6 enter for free. Children 6-12 and people over 65 pay half price. (based on the 2020 price list).


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