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The Athenian Riviera

The Top Hidden Beaches of the Athenian Riviera

The true gems of the Athenian Riviera are the well-hidden beaches, either because they are not easily accessible or because the locals want to keep it to themselves, reluctant to share them to avoid “their ” beach spots getting over-crowded. Due to their “secret” locations, these beaches are very clean, far from the noisy crowds and if you are lucky to secure a good spot you will even have a private little coast to yourself.  We have compiled our list of some of the most loved hidden beaches.

The Top Hidden Beaches of the Athenian Riviera


This beach does not sound hidden, but actually, a lot of locals do not even know about its existence. At the end of Mikro Kavouri Beach, there is a peninsula where you will find residential houses sprawled across the small hill. From a distance, it looks like there is nothing there, but if you do some climbing on the rocks you will be shocked to find out that paradise on earth has been in front of you this whole time! Along this peninsula there are two jetties divided by two small pebbly and sandy shores, to choose from. Except that you will feel you are not in Athens anymore, but instead on a deserted beach on some island, the waters are crystal clear! We recommend you wear some trainers if you are wishing to visit the area, as with flip-flops incidents like slipping on a rock are very possible.


Another hidden spot with paradisal little beaches is located in the area of Vouliagmeni. Just before the Vouliagmenis Laimo, which is neck in Greek, and refers to the peninsula, there is the Margi 5* hotel. Next to it, there is a building which used to be a hotel and next to it there is a gate leading to a soil pathed forest. As bizarre it might sound this area is known as an “orphanage”, as there is an actual orphanage there, but don’t worry you won’t be invading any private property, unless you take the wrong path. If you keep following the dirt path all the way straight, you will eventually see the sea and you will know you are in the right place. Once you reach the edge, there are narrow paths that lead to the hidden beaches, more like a hidden paradise. Check it out for yourself!


Vouliagmeni’s peninsula is well known to accommodate the famous Four Seasons Resort, the Astir Beach, the Astir Marina which berths superyachts and the Vouliagmeni Nautical Club. Additionally in the far end of the peninsula, you can catch the most breathtaking sunset views in Athens. What a lot of people don’t know though is that the peninsula is full of small paths that lead to some sandy but mostly rocky beaches. Those are found after the luxurious resorts and man-built establishments. Watch out: if you see a car randomly parked, there is a secret path to a beach around there!


Limanakia in Greece is the word for little ports, but what it means is more like little harbors. Those again are a bit hidden, as there are no signs leading to them or Google maps directions. These beaches are not as safe as others if you have no knowledge of the sea, as there are quite a few sea urchins and once you dive in the water your only way out is climbing the rocks. An important note here, sea urchins appear in the cleanest waters, plus the views are worth the tiny risk you might need to take.


 As you leave Vouliagmeni and drive towards the Nightclub Island, which is a kilometer or less from Varkiza, there are about 10 accessible limanakia. Each limanaki is accessed by cement stairs or by narrow paths. Most of them have small car park areas where you can leave your car and there is also a bus station nearby where the Bus line 122 heading towards Saronida stops every 30 minutes.

Tip: Search for Lefteri’s Canteen on your Google Maps in order to find this cool place where you can enjoy a refreshing swim and drinks. The bar is open until late. They close for a short break between 8-9:30pm. Credit cards are accepted. 


Leaving Varkiza behind and driving towards Sounio there are hundreds of small hidden coasts, sandy or rocky, which are free for the public. As with all the other hidden ones we have mentioned these are also tricky to find, however for those ones you are a bit luckier as there are signs. The most beautiful hidden beaches parallel to Leoforos Souniou are:


Legrena is the last beach before Sounio, where the temple of Poseidon lies. This beach stretches for many kilometers which are coated with pebbles, partially sand and big rocks that form little coves. It is totally unorganized, thus preserving its natural beauty. The waters are very clean, but can also be a bit cold. There are no canteens or restaurants nearby so equip yourself well before visiting this beach.


This beach is probably the most beautiful beach in Athens, not to say in Greece. Located in a very deserted area, there is only one beach canteen here which serves sandwiches, snacks, coffees and cold beer- a must to survive the Greek summer heat! The scenery will make you feel like you are on an exotic island. The only noise you can hear is of nature and the breaking waves.




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