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The Athenian Riviera

Useful Apps to Download

Apps make our lives easier. We’ve prepared a list with all the useful apps you should know about when you are visiting the Athenian Riviera. All the apps are downloadable in iOS and Androids.

Transportation Apps in Greece

BEAT app

This application is the Greek version of Uber. With this application you can order a taxi from anywhere you are by simply ordering a taxi, exactly as you would with Uber. It is a safe and sometimes cheaper option than taking a taxi on the street, as they can’t alter prices. An estimation of time and rate is given before ordering a taxi. Payment methods include paying by card directly from the app, by cash to the driver or by card to the driver (check beforehand if the taxi driver owns a POS).


Uber applications can be used normally in Athens. The difference is that instead of ordering an Uber, you order a regular taxi. Uber cars were banned in Greece in 2018 because of protests from yellow cab drivers who accuse it of taking their business. Uber only operates inside the region of Attica.

OASA telematics (real-time Public transport information for buses in Athens)

This app is very useful for those who use or are planning to use buses as a means of transportation. With this app, which is downloadable on all smartphones, it gives information on real-time information for buses in Athens. It can also help you allocate which bus you need for any destination you want.

The app is English-friendly as you can choose the language of the app to be in English.

Food apps in Greece


E -food is the locals favourite food delivery application for the reason that it has a large range of food shop options, souvlaki, pizza, sushi, burgers, waffles, ice-cream and the list continues. Also with e-food you can order groceries from local supermarkets, mini markets, liquor stores, butchers and fishmongers. Payment methods include online paying by card or PayPal/Apple pay or the traditional way, face to face to delivery man. There are also always special offers. With the app you are given an estimated  time of delivery and you can also track your order. 


Wolt is another food delivery application, relatively new to Athens and even more new to the Southern suburbs. With Wolt you can order food from local and not, coffees and restaurants. Payment is conducted online with card, PayPal or Apple Pay and tips to the driver can also be given through the app, if case you are out of change. As with other food delivery apps you can track your order and driver.


Box app

Another food delivery app is the Box App which is currently available only in Greek. Created by COSMOTE which is the largest mobile network operator in Greece, this app rewards you with every order you make with bonus points and vouchers which you can redeem at Cosmote or in other popular brands. This app also offers great discounts and by using the code COSMOTE Deals for You you get a discount of 10%.

Leisure and entertainment apps in Greece


By using this application you can book your own space and beds on the beautiful beaches around Greece. Many of the organized beaches of the Athenian Riviera, Astir Palace and Krabo for instance are members of this app. By booking your sunbeds in advance you can ensure that you have a guaranteed space on the beach during the busy hot summer days.


Safe Water Sports

This free application app is a must need! It provides fully detailed information for all the water sports centers and motor boat rental agencies in Greece. It also features more than 3000 accessible beaches in Greece providing users photos, location guides and core information about each beach- shallow/deep water, sandy or rocky,  if they are blue flagged, organized or not, parking etc. It also provides contact details for port authorities and hospitals and health centers. App users can also rate and comment on the water sport facilities they have tried.


The Foursquare app, popular around the world, provides personalized recommendations and tips on places near the user’s current location.  These places could be a neighborhood, a beach, a restaurant or a shop. It is very useful for people visiting the Athenian Riviera for the first time.


Translator Apps

Although impressively the average Greek person speaks English and a lot of street signs are in Greek and in English, it is also good to have downloaded in your smartphone an instant translator app. We recommend the following ones:

Microsoft Translator. You can take photos of texts from signs, menus or literally anything and the app will translate that into the language of your choice. 

TripLingo. This app is very interesting as it offers a more holistic approach to its users about the language they are translating to. It teaches nuances of the local customs and local slang and it has quizzes for users to practice the language. It also has a currency converter, making the app very useful for travelers.

ATH Airport App

Athens International Airport “Eleutherios Venizelos” application was created to facilitate travellers. It is downloadable on iOS and Android smartphones. The utility of this app is to track flights, access information about the airport services, book car parking, shops list and featured discounts and many more.

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