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The Athenian Riviera

Things to do in Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni is probably the most luxurious of all the Athenian Riviera locations; it is named after the natural lake that formed ages ago due to a landslide. The lake is now used as a freshwater swimming location and the people who use it regularly are witnesses to its soothing effects.  Vouliagmeni’s landscape is breathtaking with a small gulf and peninsula forming a lace-like coast. Due to its natural beauty it was considered a holiday destination for the Athenians in the past with resorts and beautiful summer mansions. It still is! Here is our guide to the top things to do in Vouliagmeni.

How to get to Vouliagmeni from the Center

Vouliagmeni is a seaside suburb and former municipality, located 20 kilometers south of Athens city center. There are four ways which you can choose from on how to get to Vouliagmeni from the center. 

Metro: Take line M2 heading towards Elliniko from Syntagma Square metro station (20 min.). Tickets will cost you € 1,20. The metro will take you to Elliniko from where you can either take a 25 minute bus ride on 122 to Vouliagmeni Limni or a 15 minute taxi ride which will cost approximately €10.

Bus: Taking a bus is slower than other means of transportation, however, it would be interesting for those visiting Athens for the first time and wishing to explore a bit further. Take line OASA A3 heading South from Syntagma Square bus station and get off at Elliniko Station. From there wait for bus 122 heading to Vouliagmeni Limni. The bus will cost you as all the other public transportations € 1,20 per ride. The ride can take 1 hr and 30 min up to 2 hours depending on traffic. 

Taxi: Getting a yellow town car will be the most convenient and less time consuming option to arrive in Vouliagmeni from the center (20-30 min. depending on traffic). Depending on the pick-up location cost may vary from € 18-25. You can also order a taxi using the Uber application or Freenow app.

City Sightseeing Athens: Hop-On, Hop-Of Bus. The original Hop On Hop Off commentated route and tours of Athens. Recommended for tourists visiting Athens. Tickets range from € 18-22 and are valid for 48 hours. Access for additional information on operating hours, pricing and more click here. 


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Athenian Riviera: Top Things to do in Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni is home to some of the most luxurious hotel establishments, whether it be boutique hotels or larger ones —  part of the Four Seasons family. In Vouliagmeni any place you find will be of a very high standard; it is considered one of the best areas to sit and enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the sea; seafood in this area is exceptional and you should expect the best quality given that you are willing to pay for it. The area features numerous restaurants of the sort, with options between strictly seafood, Greek cuisine, Italian, or even gourmet sushi.

The pride of Vouliagmeni is its yachting club, which dots the peninsula of Laimos and the marina where luxury yachts are strewn on the pier, resting between glamorous sea journeys. Members enjoy exclusive activities, and non-members are only permitted in the public area of the marina which is still worth visiting.

Beaches in Vouliagmeni 

During the summer season Vouliagmeni is a popular weekend getaway and is home to some of the best beaches in the Athenian Riviera. Either you prefer the comfort and luxury of an organised beach establishment or lying in silky sand away from extravagance, Vouliagmeni options of beaches are colossal to match with everyone’s preference.  

Vouliagmeni, beautiful seaside town near Athens, Greece

Astir Beach 

The most popular beach destination in Athens, the Astir Beach is a playground for the fashionable crowd. Since the 1960s the Astir Beach has welcomed international movie stars and business tycoons.  Equipped with state-of-the art recreational facilities, it features everything from a VIP lounge, to fashion boutiques, food outlets and spa facilities. Entrance fee on the weekdays is 100 Euros for one or two guests (reservation for one umbrella), while on the weekend is 160 Euros. Please note that the front row umbrellas are charged higher. It is advisable to make your reservations in advance here


Krabo Beach Club & Restaurant 

Located in a secluded bay, Krabo Beach Club & Restaurant offers an oasis of calm in just a 20 minute drive for the center of Athens. The private beach has a simple and chic aesthetic: a city bohemian style with colors and furnishings that harmoniously blend with the natural surroundings. It is ideal for those wanting to spend their day on the beach, as the establishment offers full-services sunbeds, Mediterranean cuisine restaurant and a bar serving a selection of signature cocktails and wines from all over the world. Krabo is the ideal spot to enjoy summer in Athens, as you would on a Greek island.


Zen Beach 

Set on the quiet and beautiful bay of the Athenian Riviera, at Zen Beach, you can relax from early in the morning till after the sun has set.

The beach service is available and helpful staff is there to serve you all day with coffee, juices, cocktails, snacks and Mediterranean signature dishes, right to your sunbed. As with other private beaches in Vouliagmeni, the beach meets significant requirements of cleanliness, the coast is guarded by a lifeguard, making the establishment safe and ideal for adults and children. In comparison to other organized beaches in the area, Zen Beach is the most economical option.


Vouliagmeni Lake 

The Vouliagmeni Lake is part of the National NATURA 2000 list and is one of the highlights of the Athenian Riviera. This rare geological phenomenon is home to various unique organisms, including the fish Garra Rufa which are known to offer skin exfoliation. The rocks which rise above the lake cover an underwater cave that is 3,123 meters in length — yet its end remains a mystery. 

The thermal springs of Vouliagmeni Lake are known for their healing properties and help to relieve afflictions of the musculoskeletal system, promote post-traumatic rehabilitation, as well as gynaecological, and dermatological diseases. Guests may enjoy the excellent swimming facilities available all year round, the natural pool has a stable temperature throughout the year.

Various activities and events are organised at the Vouliagmeni Lake. For more information visit the Vouliagmeni Lake website.  The location is also available for private events and Weddings.

The Vouliagmeni beaches are consistently awarded the coveted EU blue flags for environmental excellence. 

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Akti Vouliagmeni 

The Akti Vouliagmeni Beach is a Blue Flag awarded beach. The beach occupies a 76-hectare site with a 650-meter coastline. There is also vast green space surrounding the beach equipped with tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, a children’s playground, umbrellas and sunbeds, changing rooms and a snack bar. The beach operates on an all-year round basis. High season price 5 Euros per person and low season price 2 Euros.



Kavouri is a residential neighborhood located in the municipality of Vouliagmeni. It is a beautiful coastal region that provides easy and free access to the beach. It consists of Mikro and Megalo Kavouri, which stands for little and big Kavouri accordingly.

Mikro Kavouri has a few fish taverns and cafeterias blessed with exceptional views of the Athenian Riviera. The natural piers made of stones are perfect to place your towel to sunbathe,  after diving in the crystal clear waters. While in Mikro Kavouri you can find your own private spot, Megalo Kavouri is a large sandy coast with shallow waters, well crowded during the hot summer days.

It is ideal for families or for those who enjoy some beach volley or beach tennis. Facilities are quite limited in order to preserve public access, however there is a canteen serving from coffee and ice creams to delicious fresh seafood, as well as clean toilets available for customers use.

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