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The Athenian Riviera

The Best Souvlaki shops in Glyfada

Souvlaki is the Greek’s favorite fast-food. It consists of the simplest ingredients such as chunks of meat, pork or chicken, fresh-cut fries, tomatoes, onions, lettuce & tzatziki sauce, wrapped in a greek pita.  Fairly cheap, filling, delicious, and easy to find. Glyfada offers an endless choice of places serving Greek souvlaki.


Savva Lazaridi 3+30 21 0894 6465

This restaurant specializes in Kebab and Souvlaki, the perfect duo. The restaurant also serves delicious side dishes, salads, and cold FIX beer to accompany your souvlaki.



Artemidos 1+30 21 0898 0084


This “souvlatzidiko” (Greek word for a restaurant specialized in souvlaki) is the locals’ favorite. Not only do they serve delicious and big portions of souvlaki, but they are also open 24/7, which is amazing for those late-night cravings.


Artemidos 3, Glyfada. For delivery call 210 7006251 or 210 8982831 

This newcomer in Glyfada is not your typical souvlaki place. The Kebab Artisans have introduced a refreshing menu inspired by delicious kebab based on one of Athens’ famous recipes among other Mediterranean and vegan dishes. Located in the heart of Glyfada’s bustling shopping area, this family-owned grill house has both an indoor and outdoor dining area, as well as a complete delivery menu.

The kebab are made based on the secret recipe of O Thanasis, the renowned kebab place in the heart of Monastiraki that has been serving happy guests his staple kebab dishes since 1964.

At Nomsy Kebab in Glyfada guests can enjoy the juicy kebab served on pita bread with onions and grilled tomatoes, a varied selection of pita gyros, – do make sure to try the souvlaki with Black Angus beef, which is a highlight that you will not generally find in other souvlaki places.

Wrapped in warm pita bread with plenty of tzatziki, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes – as they say in Greece apola (with everything).


The appetizer selection is equally fantastic, the delicious creamy hummus served with grilled red peppers, pine nuts, parsley, and yogurt sauce, is a must-try!

Salads include a full-meal option as well as lighter variations such as the Garden salad with grilled eggplant, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, rusks, and parmesan cheese.

Check out their menu here: Nomsy Kebab menu

Also available on Wolt and eFood apps.


Leof. Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 50+30 21 0898 5531

Located just at the beginning of Metaxa’s street, which is basically the center of Glyfada, Tsi Tsi is a great option for large groups, families as the venue is large and very friendly. Food is amazing, as you can’t really go wrong with souvlaki and house wine a great choice to make!


Georgiou Kondili 5+30 21 0990 2002

The philosophy of this venue is that souvlaki is a whole food rather than just a “fast food”. Ideal for those who would like to dine in a pleasant and fancy restaurant, which of course serves delicious souvlaki, among other food options.

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