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The Athenian Riviera

Glyfada Restaurants Guide

Glyfada is the centre of the South Coast and has a well-deserved reputation of being the number one destination for dining. The variety of cuisines and venues is simply amazing. From fancy restaurants to traditional taverns, in Glyfada you can find any cuisine you fancy available at any time of day. We have compiled our guide to the best restaurants in Glyfada. 

Restaurants & Bars in Glyfada: 

If you are one to like the fanciness of dining, enjoy music and “ecstatic’ vibes,  there is a wide selection of restaurant-bars in Glyfada to choose from depending on your appetite and budget.

New Entrees in Glyfada

El Bar de Paco Morales at the One & Only Aesthesis 

Leof. Poseidonos, Glifada 166 74 (€ € €) – +30 2166861000 (Reservations are necessary)

Opening times:
Dinner: 7:30pm – 1am



Nestled within the enchanting embrace of the One&Only Aesthesis, El Bar de Paco Morales is a sanctuary where the art of mixology meets culinary brilliance. The essence of El Bar, inspired by the renowned Chef Paco Morales, promises an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Imagine a place where every sip and every bite tells a story, a narrative woven from the rich tapestry of Andalusian culture and its Moorish influences, reimagined through the innovative lens of Chef Morales. This is not just a bar; it’s a journey through time and taste, where traditional flavors are infused with avant-garde techniques to create something truly unique.

El Bar de Paco Morales in Athens is a testament to the culinary genius that has positioned Paco Morales as a titan of Spanish gastronomy, offering an ambiance that marries the comfort of casual dining with unparalleled gastronomic excellence. Morales, celebrated for his trailblazing Noor restaurant in Córdoba, which has been honored with three prestigious Michelin stars, brings the essence of his culinary philosophy to the heart of Glyfada. 

O-Live Restaurant at the Dusit Suites Athens Hotel 

3 Pandoras & 42 Lazaraki Street (€ € €) +30 214 4103450

Perched atop the Dusit Suites Athens, the O Live restaurant is a culinary gem that beckons with the promise of a journey through the vibrant heart of Mediterranean cuisine. Here, every dish is not just a meal; it’s an exploration of fresh flavors and intoxicating aromas that dance together to create a symphony for the senses.

Under the masterful guidance of Executive Chef Nikos Pantehis, O Live transforms dining into an art form. Chef Nikos, with a storied career that has seen him grace the kitchens of the world’s finest restaurants, brings a fusion of global expertise and the rich tapestry of Greek culinary tradition to the table. His dishes are a celebration of authenticity, innovation, and the sheer joy of Mediterranean cooking, presented with a flair that elevates each bite into a moment to remember.

From the first light of dawn, guests are invited to indulge in a breakfast experience that marries the richness of a buffet with the tailored delight of a-la-carte options, all set against the backdrop of the sea. As the day unfolds, the restaurant transitions into a haven for those seeking a leisurely lunch or a mesmerizing dinner under the stars. Whether it’s the healthful vibrancy of a midday meal or the romantic allure of dining by the sleek infinity pool, O Live promises an ambiance that’s as unforgettable as its cuisine.

The dinner menu, a testament to the bounty of the sea and the land, features an array of dishes that speak of the Mediterranean’s depth and diversity. From succulent seafood and oysters to grilled meats and exquisite vegetables, each ingredient is a testament to quality and freshness. Complemented by an extensive wine list and signature cocktails, dining at O Live is a journey that transcends the ordinary, making it the most romantic rooftop location in the city.

Tip: try the Greek tomato tree – the presentation is delightful.


Pandoras 9 (€ € €)+30 21 0898 0050

This all day cafe-bar-restaurant is located closer to the residential area — right on Leoforos Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa Street which spans across the center of Glyfada. Many of the Greek socialites and famous people often dine at this venue, as its concept escapes the boredom of quiet dinners. Famous for its party nights, OPUS is the perfect restaurant-bar to go to if you are a party-animal yourself.


Laodikis 33 (€ € €)+30 21 0968 0460

Another “sought-after” spot in Glyfada, this restaurant has won a Gold Award more than once for its quality and taste. The venue is naturally divided into two scenes, the Italian restaurant and the Japanese lounge, but both offer the same top quality of food. Accompany your dinner with one of the fine wines kept in the cellar which adds to the unique interiors of the venue.  


Fivis 19 (€ € ).  +30 21 182 1711 

An olive tree placed in the interior center of the venue is a landmark itself. The aesthetic inspired exterior landscape design introduces a truly unmatched atmosphere. Blend’s Tapas Bar offers a tasteful experience of delicacies with a twist from all around the world while Blend’s Bar adds unique beverages to accompany your night.


Grigoriou Lampraki 34 (€ € € € ).  +30 21 0963 7120

Inspired by Latin American cuisine, Greek renowned Chef Petros Syrigos’ goal is to introduce his guests to Peruvian and Latin American cuisine and culture, with traditional dishes accompanied by special cocktails, with flavors that also originate from Latin America. The vibe of this restaurant is very cheerful, as the Dj of the venue raises the mood with his excellent choice of music.


Kyprou 65 (€ € €)+30 21 0898 3167

Fancy an escape night to Mexico? Reserve yourself a table at AMIGOS on a Thursday night to eat some delicious nachos, get dizzy on margaritas and show off your best salsa moves on the dance floor.

If you are not a pro-salsa dancer that’s ok! The professional show performers will guide you on how to swing to Mexican hits. Any other night this restaurant is still a great option for large groups and families as it also features a special menu for the little ones.


Fivis 15 (€ € €)+30 21 0894 5002

Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, Fajitas, Cocktails … want to hear more? Every Tuesday this Latin American inspired venue hosts Taco Tuesdays, where you can enjoy Tacos, Margaritas & Corona, we mean the beer of course, at reduced prices. Who said Tuesdays are boring? 


Grigorious Lambraki 2 (€ € € € )+30 21 0894 8882

ARK gastronomy bears the signature of one of the most multi-awarded Greek chefs Giannis Baxevanis who carries the title of “Chef of the future”. His kitchen is based on excellent and quality flavors focusing mainly on the Greek sea.


The venue is located in the most beautiful part of the Athenian Riviera, gifting guests with a fantastic opportunity to dine and wine in this culinary destination of high aesthetics, magnificent views and cosmopolitan air.

International Cuisines


Leof. Poseidonos 81 (€ € € €).  +30 21 0894 0080 


This new fancy venue in Glyfada serves Nikkei Cuisine which is a combination of Japanese & Peruvian gastronomy.  The bougainvilleas flowers, along with the playful lighting are the highlights of this exquisitely decorated restaurant. The service and the menu are both exceptional.



An astonishing selection of dishes which are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning palates. Definitely try the scallops with the Rocoto mussels cream, smoked eel nigiri with matcha cream, ceviche sea bass, flap steak and tuna tataki with mussels tempura and waft dressing.


Zisimopoulou 9, (€ € € )+30 21 5550 5313

This acclaimed fine-dining Oriental Restaurant, located in the heart of Glyfada, offers the best flavors of the east: Turkey, Lebanon and Persia. Signature-made desserts, magnificent cocktail bar, refined service and exotic elegant decoration distinguish Divan’s feast. As an eastern venue, a shisha lounge could not be dismissed. If you enjoy dining like a proper Arab, you should not miss this place.



Konstantinoupoleos 16 (€ € €)+30 21 0894 0024

The best Lebanese Restaurant & Halal Food in Athens is To Livaneziko. Anyone with a respectful knowledge of Arab food will agree with this statement. Chef Tony and his team with over 25 years of Lebanese cooking experience guarantees that you will enjoy a delectable dinner. The restaurant also specializes in catering events with authentic Lebanese cuisine.


Kyprou 78 (€ €)+30 21 0894 4528

Perhaps the only authentic Chinese Restaurant in Glyfada, this restaurant calls for all Chinese foodies to taste the best stir-fries, chow mein, dumplings and crispy duck in town. The perfect option for delivery for those lazy nights when you simply don’t want to cook. 


Grigoriou Lambraki 69 (€ € € €)+30 21 0964 8512

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, especially in diet. It might sound tame and the choices limited,  but change your mind by grabbing lunch or dining in this Vegan restaurant located just a few blocks from the center of Glyfada. It is also a good place for working and studying as there is ample space and free Wi-Fi.




Ν. Zerva 24 & Kyprou (€ € €)+30 21 0898 0066

Master Chef Leonidas Koutsopoulou invites you on a tasteful journey at his 2nd restaurant specializing in Greek appetizers a la gourmet. It is perfect for those who like to try new things, as the menu consists of small appetizers allowing the customers to try a few different plates. Great for date nights, as sharing is a must!


Italian Restaurants


Kyprou 50 ( € € € )+30 21 0898 1511

This restaurant’s very high rating isn’t doing enough justice. This is simply the best Italian restaurant in the South Suburbs of Athens, not to claim in Athens itself as people will commute to dine here.

Make sure to try the mouthwatering Neapolitan pizza, spaghetti carbonara and beef carpaccio, accompanied by the delicious house wine. You will also be up for a treat when the friendly staff will often offer tiramisu and strawberries cream as complimentary dessert. The decoration of the venue is simple but sophisticated enough, giving the place a cozy and chic atmosphere.


Zisimopoulou 7 (€ € € €).  +30 21 0894 0007

This Italian restaurant & wine bar is perfect for those seeking a light dinner or small bites while sipping on fine wine. The glass walls of the restaurant’s setting allow for light to flood the interior, while at the same time offering ample views of the city’s traffic and a pleasant chatter of Zisimopoulou Street. The interior decor is characterized by black color with gold details, which add a touch of luxury, while complementing the venue with an overall relaxed mood.


Kyprou 70 (€ € €)+30 21 0894 0377

Aperitivo Pizza Bar Restaurant has become the favorite spot for those who know how to appreciate good Italian food. Its location makes it the perfect venue to grab lunch after a good shopping session. Don’t forget to accompany your meal with a cool Aperol Spritz. 


 Plateia Nimfon 1( € € € )+30 21 0894 4491

This is an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Glyfada. Award winning Italian chef Pino Saccheri, reassures that all dishes are made according to Italian kitchen policy. Either you order a classic Neapolitan Margherita DOP pizza, a Mussels pasta or a steak tartare, you will be 100% satisfied. The design inspired by the glamorous era of the 60’s is characterized by unpretentious luxury. 

This is an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Glyfada. Award winning Italian chef Pino Saccheri, reassures that all dishes are made according to Italian kitchen policy. Either you order a classic Neapolitan Margherita DOP pizza, a Mussels pasta or a steak tartare, you will be 100% satisfied. The design inspired by the glamorous era of the 60’s is characterized by unpretentious luxury. 



Lazaraki 43 (€ € €)+30 21 0898 2608

There is not much to be said about TGI Fridays, as America’s favorite could simply not be off the list of the best restaurants in Glyfada. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a Glazed Burger accompanied by the famous mozzarella sticks and an endless “refill” of coke? 


Lazaraki 28 (€ € €)+30 21 0894 1471

Very traditional, inspired by the Greek restaurant type “mezedopoleio”. A restaurant of this nature serves appetizers which are known as meze to complement alcoholic Greek beverages such as wine, ouzo, raki or retsina.  This restaurant is highly recommended for those who adore Greek cuisine and for those who are visiting Greece for the first time and are seeking that ultimate Greek food experience. 


Leof. Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 48 (€ € €). +30 21 0968 0651


Fresh seafood direct from the Mediterranean sounds like a good plan right? Barbounaki is a restaurant specializing in Greek cuisine serving recipes like mouthwatering prawns, marinated sardines, delicious crawfish risotto, among many more delicacies. Location is good for those who wish to avoid those loud and busy crowds and enjoy a harmonious meal.


Zisimopoulou 9 (€ € €)+30 21 0898 3069

This Japanese sushi restaurant chain can be found in the most “in” destinations in Athens and in Greece such as Mykonos, Kifisia, Spetses, Vouliagmeni and of course… Glyfada. They also host home catering and do deliveries. 


Dimarchou Metaxa Angelou & Foivis (€ €). +30 21 0898 0480

As the name implies this is a restaurant that specialised in “meze” — a selection of small dishes served as appetisers in parts of the Middle East, the Balkans and of course Greece. Loved by locals, this place is a great restaurant to go with friends savor some delicious meze, sip on some good wine and enjoy an evening of chatter with friends. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the decoration adds a chic aura to the place.


Konstantinoupoleos street (€ – € € €)

Greek word for “Burger City” but actually what it is meant to say is “Meat City” or maybe “Meat Paradise”. Konstantinoupoleos street offers a selection of meat restaurants to choose from. Perfect for take-aways. The most famous of all is George’s Steak House known for their legendary beef patties (biftekia).



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