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The Athenian Riviera

Walking routes of the Athenian Riviera

The Athenian Riviera’s landscape is blessed with beautiful walking routes along the coastline offering sweeping views of the Aegean Sea and amazing parks perfect for reconnecting with nature. Whether you are an athletic person who loves to keep active during their holidays or simply someone who enjoys long walks in nature, we have created a list of the most beautiful walking routes of the Athenian Riviera.

Notos in Voula 

The neighborhood of Voula is mainly a residential area, quiet, safe and peaceful. Starting from the Asklipeio of Voula (hospital of Voula), there is a 1km stretch of a coastline where a long walk side has been built along the coast and parallel to Poseidonos avenue. The location has been named Notos, which takes its name after Notos which is the large cafeteria bar-restaurant that is located in the area and has been a very loved and popular destination for families for decades now.

There is also a large playground where kids love to play – if you are holidaying with family this is the perfect spot for you. There are also four little beaches that can be accessed by steep stairs where on a hot day and after a sweaty walk you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Combining greenery and beach scenes, this walking path is one of the most beautiful ones in the Athenian Riviera.

Kavouri Beach 

Kavouri is a residential neighborhood located in the municipality of Vouliagmeni. It is a beautiful coastal region where many famous and rich people, ambassadors and politicians live. It consists of Mikro and Megalo Kavouri, which stands for little and big Kavouri. Starting from the Mikro Kavouri all the way to the Megalo Kavouri, there is a 4km sidewalk and a cycling infrastructure, making the area perfect for those who live around the area to enjoy their daily exercise.


Laimos Vouliagmeni

Laimos Vouliagmenis is the name of the small gulf and peninsula forming a lace-like coast, which grabs all passengers’ attention from the plane looking out the window upon landing in  Athens. There is no official walking path in the area, but passing from there you will see a lot of pedestrians in their gym outfits walking up the hill. We recommend that you refrain from taking this walk on a very hot morning and if you aren’t an athletic person, as the uphill is quite steep. The surprise of this walk is when you reach the end of the Peninsula, where you will admire the most beautiful views of the Athenian Riviera.

Alimos Beachside

Take a walk starting from one of the Athenian Riviera’s most hot bar-restaurants, Nalu up to the Marina of Alimos on foot and admire the beautiful views of the Saronic Gulf and wander around the mega yachts.

This is another walking route worth taking for those visiting the Athenian Riviera. It should be mentioned that in contrast to the other walking routes on this list, this one is a bit busier than the others, as it is parallel to a very busy highway, the one connecting the city center with the South Coast neighborhoods.

Lofos Voulas

This walking route is actually a small hiking trail, as half of the route consists of climbing the hill and the whole path is carved into nature, so the roads are not human-made. The whole walking route will take you nearly 2 hours and depending on which path you follow the route is about 5-6km.

Once you have reached the top of the hill, you will be amazed by the beautiful Athenian Riviera views. You can see almost the whole city from above, from the city center to the islands of the Aegean Sea- if the day is clear of course. This route is worth taking for anyone visiting the Athenian Riviera, trust us you will not be disappointed.

To reach this route you will definitely need to use Google Maps as it is a bit off the tracks. We have attached a screenshot of the map, to help you locate the starting point. (Dramas 11, Vari)

There are these steps if you follow the route recommended in the Google location

Vouliagmeni Walking route

This walking route is a very well hidden gem of the area of Vouliagmeni. To access this walking route you can either go on foot from Vouliagmeni’s square or by parking the car just before the path ( we have attached a map to help you locate the starting point ).

Locals love this spot in the mountain because it is amongst nature, where you can escape to breathe some fresh air, experience peace, and catch the most beautiful Athenian Riviera views from Alimos all the way to Varkiza. From the top of the hill, you can see the famous Vouliagmeni’s Lake, the Vouliagmeni’s Peninsula, and on a clear day even some of the Aegean islands, like Aegina.


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