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The Athenian Riviera

2 or 3 Day Itinerary to the Athenian Riviera

For those planning to spend their holidays on one of the spectacular Greek islands, chances are you will most likely have to connect through Athens. Not all Greek islands have airports due to their small sizes that do not support an airport, but also because locals would never allow for their precious landscapes to be destroyed by man-made infrastructures. The Athens International Airport receives the majority of visitors who then continue to the Greek islands either by plane or by ferry. If you are landing in Athens, we suggest you spend a few days in the Athenian Riviera before departing for your next destination! This 2 or 3 days itinerary to the Athenian Riviera gives you all the reasons to explore the lesser-known side of Athens.

2 or 3 Day Itinerary to the Athenian Riviera

How to Get to the neighborhoods of the Athenian Riviera from Athens International Airport:

There are two ways to get to areas such as Vouliagmeni, Voula, Glyfada or Alimos from Athens International Airport (ATH):

Bus: Take X96 heading towards Piraeus. Buses pick up passengers at the Arrivals  Level and depart from the Arrival Level, between Exits 2 and 3. Tickets cost € 6 and should be issued from the ticket office next to the station.

Taxi: is the quickest and most convenient option. You can use the services of authorized drivers or hire a private car. The ride should cost you around €30. Taxi services can be found at the Arrivals exits. For your ease and convenience, we recommend booking a taxi with Welcome Pickups, a service that we personally use in Greece and abroad.

3 Day Itinerary to the Athenian Riviera: Day One

Aerial drone bird's eye panoramic photo of famous celebrity sandy beach of Astir or Asteras in south Athens riviera with turquoise clear waters, Vouliagmeni, Greece

Book yourself in one of the amazing hotels of the Athenian Riviera, depending on your budget and your taste, there are a lot of different accommodations you could choose from. The best region- hence the best resorts and hotels- are located in the neighborhood of Vouliagmeni. Vouliagmeni is probably the most luxurious of all the Athenian Riviera locations; it is named after the natural lake that formed ages ago due to a landslide. Vouliagmeni’s landscape is breathtaking with a small gulf and peninsula forming a lace-like coast.

Greek summers are blessed with very long days, which allow tourists to take full advantage of the daylight and enjoy Athens at a slow pace, without the need to rush and stress, after all that’s why we go on vacation.

Enjoy the morning by relaxing and getting that tan sorted in one of the paradisiac beaches in the area of Vouliagmeni and enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the many restaurants in the area. There is a wide range of food choices, seafood, quick traditional souvlaki, pizza, sushi and the list goes on!

If you want to make the most out of your stay in Athens, we suggest you head towards the center of Athens, for some sightseeing during the afternoon!

Ways to go to the City Center from areas of the Athenian Riviera:

Metro/Underground from Elliniko Station: Take line M2 heading towards Syntagma Square metro station (20 min.). Tickets will cost you € 1,20.

Bus: Take line OASA A3 heading towards Syntagma Square bus station. The bus will cost you as all the other public transportations € 1,20. The bus ride can take 45-65 minutes depending on pick up point and traffic.

Taxi: Taking a yellow cab is the most convenient and quickest means of transportation to choose (15-30 min. depending on traffic). Depending on the pick-up location cost may vary from € 18-25. You can also order a taxi using the Uber application.

Tram: If you are visiting Athens for the first time and have time to spend you should consider hopping on a tram from Voula (Opposite to Askilipeion of Voula), as it can be used for sightseeing. Take line T6 heading to Syntagma Square. Tram tickets cost € 1,20 for a 90 minutes ride.

Whether you take the metro or the taxi to the center of Athens, stop at the Acropolis Museum. Book yourself a tour in this modern museum, which can be combined with a tour to the Acropolis afterward.

The majestic Acropolis during summer is open until 8 pm, from where you can observe some of the most beautiful sunsets in Athens!

After visiting some of the most impressive monuments of the city, let yourself wander around the colorful and full-of-life alleys of Plaka and Monastiraki, which are built on the ruins of the ancient city of Athens. The area is dotted with traditional restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy some delicious Greek food, accompanied by live music and good wine.

3 Day Itinerary to the Athenian Riviera: Day Two

Let your body soak in the sun and your mind to reach absolute tranquility. Take a day to enjoy one of the many organized beaches in the Athenian Riviera, where you can spend the whole day sunbathing, recharging energies, swimming in crystal clear waters, or even sipping on some cocktails till the sunset.

Organized beaches are quite popular in Greece and everywhere you go, mainland city or an island there will always be a balance between organized and unorganized beaches. An organized beach or a beach bar refers to a beach that is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, clean WC, food and beverages menus, lifeguards, while some might even have boutiques and food outlets, changing rooms, and showers. Usually of course they charge guests for their services. Prices vary depending on the location of the beach, its distance from the center of Athens, the extra services they provide, the size of the bay or coast, seasonal changes, among many other factors.  The benefit of such a beach is that, well… makes your life easier and fancier!

If you need a bit of time to take a quick nap after a whole day in the sun- best feeling ever- don’t worry about not making it in time for dinner time, you are in Greece! In Greece, the nightlife starts late, which means it is totally normal to go for dinner at 10 pm.

The choice of restaurants and bars in the area of the Athenian Riviera is exceptional. From the area of Glyfada to Varkiza there are hundreds of options for one to choose where they want to dine, from international cosmopolitan cuisines to traditional Greek cuisine.

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3 Day Itinerary to the Athenian Riviera: Day Three

If you have another day planned in the beautiful city of Athens, or if you have booked a one-day stopover in Athens before hopping on the plane back home, we suggest you spend your day in the center of Athens discovering all the gems this city has to offer.  Athens was the heart and soul of ancient Greece, the birthplace of philosophy, astronomy, democracy, mathematics, the Olympic Games and the list goes on. Athens was once one of the most powerful empires, which is evident in the landmarks, monuments, and ruins found in today’s modern Athens.

Just before the sun starts setting, on your way back to your accommodation, pay a visit to the incredible Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and let yourself be amazed by this new addition to the capital of Athens. You can observe the dancing water fountains, the sunset from the Lighthouse, perhaps watch a play in the Greek National Opera and also dine in one of the restaurants of the establishment.

To end a perfect day head to the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Glyfada, where you can either grab some delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants or have a drink with your company in one of the open-air street bars.

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